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Are twitter footy predictions the future?

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I’ve been on hiatus for a while. Life seems to get in the way sometimes, and I’ve taken a step back from being too involved with football and I’ve just observed everything happening around me.  Birmingham have started the season well, and the Premier League is seeing a flurry of goals and early excitement.

The return of the Premier League means I usually return to the bookies to write out my accumulator, stick on a pound, and hope my fortune is going to come to me sometime soon. Thus far, it hasn’t.

Football predictions can be quite fun though, it’s nice to see how unpredictable football really is sometimes, and if you can spy a shock result before it has even been played, then you could be on to a money maker.

In my inbox this afternoon was an email from Wisdom of Fans, a new twitter based football prediction game. As a keen member ofthe twitterati, I was interested by the concept of tweeting my predictions and seeing how good I really am at predicting matches (which I’m not). Even better, at this moment in time their are cash prizes for the best predictor.

This isn’t an endorsement, rather it is an experiment. In the age of social medias such as twitter, can a service like this catch on? The nifty thing I’ve found by searching and playing with the site for ten minutes is that you can search for fellow twitter users and view how they are doing – perhaps friendly rivalries will fuel the popularity of such a site?

Football is the main interest to me quite naturally, however, these side show type games are always welcome, and it should be quite interesting to see whether the idea of sport and social media can cross over effectively to become a service which is widely known.

For anyone interested, my own predictions for this week can be viewed on my page here.


Written by Nicole Carroll

August 24, 2010 at 1:51 pm

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