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Footballers + Message boards – they just don’t mix

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There was a fantastic column by Charlie Brooker last week on the Guardian on the subject of people on the internet. The paragraph that stood out to me was this,

“One of the chief joys of the internet is the way it has liberated millions of anonymous hecklers, strikingly few of whom had hitherto risked sharing their coruscating views in public because people tended to yawn, or ask them to shut up, or physically attack them. Suddenly, they had an outlet, and before long, a vastly inflated sense of self-worth. They could pop up, courageously tell a blogger she was fat, and disappear into the night like Raffles the gentlemen thief”.

You can read the rest of the column here.

I hope you are still following, because I promise this will become football related eventually. Essentially, the internet is a huge vent box where people can talk to faceless others about a variety of topics, before turning off the machine and going back to their daily lives.

Any who is in any way “public” or known online is a target to other internet users. If people are not getting into internet fights with eachother, then they are joining together to put down other peoples opinions online. Journalists get stick, people who have an opinion get stick. Once it is online, its almost fair game to comment negatively about something just because you can.

Football fans quite obviously have an opinion to the game, it would be horribly difficult to become impassive to the whole thing. If anything, I relish the passion of football fans who can banter about players or decisions in matches, with their passionate arguments reflecting their passion for the team they support. These passionate words can also extend to the opinions of players past and present for clubs.

Step in Leon Knight, a footballer who has joined a Brighton fans messageboard to, in his own words “leon knight here im talked about too much on this site time to defend myself. u can ask me anything u want or just hammer me or thank me or whatever u want and ill get back to you as i think some of you have got the wrong end of the stick with my relationship with brighton football club ive been reading this site for years”.

Leon, if that is you, please step away from the keyboard. You are not going to change anyones opinion on you. Let your football elsewhere do the talking. You know what? You could be the greatest footballer in the world and you STILL would have your detractors! Basically, you have opened up the chance for people to wind you up, take a pop at you and draw you into an argument which will look embarassing (especially when you cannot use punctuation or capital letters, as it seems apparant from reading!)

I am almost certain that the nosier footballers will google themselves or perhaps brace themselves to read fans forums. Getting involved just spells trouble to me. Keep anonymous on the internet before you open up a can of worms.

If you want to read the thread he started, click here


Written by Nicole Carroll

July 23, 2010 at 4:56 pm

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  1. hahah thats well funny, i wish Steven Gerrard would do somthing like this.

    Will Fazack

    July 25, 2010 at 6:05 pm

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