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We’ve won it one time…

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WE’VE WON IT ONE TIME…the Xtep cup, We’ve won it one time.

Yes it was a massively momentus day for Blues fans yesterday as took home our first silverware of the season in the shape of the Xtep Cup following our 3-2 victory over Hong Kong XI.

Goals from Scott Dan, Craig Gardner and Garry O’Connor sealed the win for the Blues, in which we saw the first glimpses of new signings Valles, Foster and Zigic.

Whilst on this tour, we’ve actually been spoiled with some brilliant coverage. Blues have been writing their own match reports and treating us to free videos of match highlights and Blues landing in Hong Kong. Similarly, local paper Birmingham Mail have two journalists in the shape of Colin Tattum and Andy Walker covering the action.

Part of this included a live blog yesterday during the match, which was played at 8am English time. Events like this are good for fans who can’t be close to the action, but it does amaze me sometimes some of the comments made by fans. Once Blues had gone 2-1 down, the moaning started. People were claiming that on this form we wouldn’t survive in the Premier League, we desperately need new signings, the performance just isn’t good enough etc etc. Although there are questionable comments made during any event like this, it does give fans the chance to ask questions of the local media and to get a feel of what is happening on tour.

I know its not the majority of fans, but eventually I had to give up with the live blog and just follow updates on twitter. If anything, a win is a bonus in a pre-season friendly. This was just a chance for players to get a run out (in very hot conditions apparently). Pre-season form really has no bearing on how a team will perform in the league – we had a poor pre-season last year, yet had a storming Premier League campaign. I would rather Blues have average performances, avoiding injuries and just building stamina, rather than going into full league mode before it is necessary.

I’m not sure if other Blues fans thought it, but how much better does the home shirt look whilst playing? I really was very undecided about the shirt, but on it is actually pretty smart and different to any other shirt I’ve seen this season. I would even consider buying one now, which is a massive departure to my feelings on the shirt previously!

Blues have two further games on this tour, one on Wednesday and one on Saturday, and Birmingham Mail shall be live blogging again. If you want to follow the action, it is all available over on


Written by Nicole Carroll

July 19, 2010 at 11:31 am

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  1. Couldnt agree with you more, especially about the kit. My first reaction was one of horror, some leaked photos made it look baggy and poor quality but over the last week since seeing players wearing it I’ve been very impressed with it!

    For me the most important thing about pre-season besides fitness is the bonding of the group, particularly the new players, so its good to see people like Zigic and others like Michel with smiles on their faces, and good to see a player like Mutch as part of the squad, hopefully he’ll get a few appearances this season.


    July 19, 2010 at 4:18 pm

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