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A loan to Celtic? A load of Bull(ard)

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I’ve blogged about Jimmy Bullard’s Hull deal before. The player is meant to be on around £50,000 per week, and Hull who are marred with financial problems themselves are understandably keen to offload the player to any club stupid enough willing to take on his financial demands, especially as the future  uncertainty surrounding his knees which appear to be made of cheese.

A chink of light appeared for Hull in the shape of Celtic football club, who looked set to take Bullard on a one year loan deal which would lighten Hull’s financial load somewhat, even though they would appear to be offering to pay part of his wage package.

It’s all gone horribly wrong though, with Jimmy apparantly doing a u-turn on the deal and now it looks like he’ll be back training with Hull this summer rather than making moves north of the border. The Guardian article includes quotes from Adam Pearson, head of Hull’s football operations, who described Bullard’s antics as the club being “strung along”.

I wish I couldn’t see an argument both ways but I do.

Hull are in the doldrums financially and are desperate to lighten their wage bill. Jimmy Bullard is a name for the club, but his worth has dwindled due to numerous injuries which have prevented him from playing regularly. On the one hand, some fans may share the same anger as Pearson. Hull have paid Jimmy Bullard generously since he moved to the club, and perhaps they’ll feel that due to his injury problems, Bullard owes the club something and should be keen to make moves which will help the club during these testing times. A move to Celtic, on paper, seems like a great opportunity as they are a club with a reputation, and Jimmy can play in the highest league of Scottish football for a decent wage packet.

On the other hand, Hull set about their own problems really. £50,000 per week for Jimmy Bullard seems ludicrous for the player. He is very good yes, but £50,000? For a team who weren’t entirely established in the Premier League? It was a mad move in the first place, and I’m sure the player was well aware he wouldn’t get as great a deal anywhere else.

Celtic may be a great team with a good reputation, but what is the incentive for Bullard to move to Scotland for the season when he can quite comfortably carry on for Hull?. What fans need to remember is that players like Bullard have no affinity for Hull, it is quite simply a job. As long as Hull keep paying his wages, it would seem that Bullard has no real incentive to move anywhere else.

Unless someone moves in with a better package for Jimmy Bullard, then I don’t think we’ll see him leave Hull for the time being. He seems quite content to carry on picking up his healthy salary, despite knowing his employers are struggling financially. As fans, this is a hard pill to swallow and will lead to resentment as a player. What’s hard to grasp as outsiders to the business of any club, is that football is simply a job to some people and a way to bring the cash in. The reality of the game is that there are probably fewer players who would move elsewhere to help out their employers. In todays world, everyone seems to focus on me, me, me rather than us, us, us, and this certainly seems to be the attitude in this saga.


Written by Nicole Carroll

July 13, 2010 at 3:15 pm

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  1. Heh heh heh. Love the way you’re negative (nicely!) about Jimmy B, then say you can see both sides, yet side with Bullard. Contract’s a contract, isn’t it? A cautionary tale for all in football really, about the risks of injury and relegation. Sadly, Celtic wouldn’t have paid all of his wages, so Hull have to pay him anyway, so it seems at least Bullard can attempt to fight his way out of relegation with Hull – the club who pays his wages.

    Russell Dempsey

    July 13, 2010 at 4:37 pm

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