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That end of tournament feeling

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Maybe I’m alone on this but whenever I go on holiday, I always have this rather odd feeling when it comes to the end of it. It’s a combination of not wanting to leave and wistfully looking back at the best moments of the trip, whilst also the longing to get back to normal life. It’s usually mixed with a sickly feeling if I’m thinking about getting on the plane.

I may not have been on a holiday, but I have a similar feeling at the end of this World Cup tournament. Firstly, I can’t believe that four weeks has really passed me by. The first half of the tournament was dense in football, and I made it pretty much part and parcel of my day to watch pretty much every group match. The weeks have flown in a flurry of group stages, following with the English heartbreak during the final 16, and we’ve motored towards this weekends final, which was opened by an entertaining match last night which saw the Germans being placed 3rd.

I’ve enjoyed the tournament, there is no doubt about that. My summer would have been depressingly football free if there hadn’t been a spectacle in South Africa. I won’t lie though; I’m suffering from football fatigue.

It’s almost as if I’ve been spoilt with too much on the pitch action. I’ve grown accustomed to watching matches day in and day out, and the novelty has worn out. Football stopped being my weekend passion, and literally took over my life, well for the first half of the tournament anyway. When we experience a tournament free summer, football can somewhat dissipate from your mind, and the build up to the football season seems more abrupt. If anything, the World Cup has only made me crave the start of the Premier League season more.

Tonight will be the end of the international football feast, and I’m looking forward to the build up of the domestic season – the football I’ll be watching every weekend next season. I’m waiting for the transfer window to hot up, the count down to the opening games, and the trepidation of how the season will begin.

The World Cup is the greatest footballing stage in the world. It’s like going on a great holiday and realising your probably not going to experience anything like that in your normal life, and its a great side show to the mundane 9-5. The failures of the national team may have flagged up apparant flaws in the Premier League, but I don’t care. The Premier League is mine. It’s something I can experience, something that doesn’t happen just once every four years. It’s exciting, frustrating, causes heartbreak and elation and is ultimately fairly predictable.

Thank you South Africa for a good tournament, but now it’s time for me to bid you adieu and to switch off holiday mode. If the Premier League represents home, then thats where I want to go.  August 14th, you cannot come quick enough.


Written by Nicole Carroll

July 11, 2010 at 5:29 pm

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  1. Well said Ms. Carroll. Though those who follow the Premier league the world over feel it is somehow “their league” as well. Rooney and Co. will have had more rest than we have by Aug. 15th. Lets hope everybody on the English squad will be fit and ready by then. 🙂


    July 11, 2010 at 9:42 pm

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