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So, the Octopus has spoken. Spain will now beat the Netherlands if Paul maintains his 100% record.

Paul’s flaw during the Euro 2008 competition however was the final, where he predicted Germany to win, but Spain were his undoing and they went on to win 1-0. Can Paul eliminate his final woes, or will the final curse strike him again, tarnishing his World Cup reputation?

To be honest, I’m not massively bothered about who wins the final, if anything I just hope its entertaining.

The best send off for the tournament would be a fantastic football match full of end to end free flowing football. We’ve had some fantastic matches during the tournament, and we’ve had some complete shockers. It would be a disappointment for the tournament to be remembered for a lacklustre final match.

Before the final on Sunday we see the 3rd place encounter, which Paul has predicted will be a win to Germany. It’s a pointless match, and seems to prolong the agony for the losers from the last round, having to stay in South Africa rather than going back home to recuperate with family and get ready for the domestic season.

The constant football has been more than welcome this summer however, and I have missed football on the rest days, and will mourn the television schedules going back to normal on Monday. I’m glad that we’ll only have a few weeks until the start of the Premier League season, as I fear I will have massive football withdrawal symptoms.


Written by Nicole Carroll

July 9, 2010 at 1:05 pm

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