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Joe Cole: England sycophant?

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After a week of journalists and media organisations making speculatory claims over England’s performance in the World Cup, one of the 23 men squad has felt the need to make his feelings known on the situation.

Step forward Joe Cole. The messiah Cole, the player every England fan was screaming out for during the group games. The player who came onto raptuous applause just for making it off the bench.

Joe Cole’s speech doesn’t actually say anything though. All he does is repeat claims made in the press over and over, in some sort of self serving speech which leaves him in a favourable light with England fans who will for some reason now respect Cole’s honesty.

Just examine the speech:

“It is obvious that we lack the kind of qualities you need to be successful at international level,” the midfielder said. “We don’t keep the ball as well as other countries; that’s not a secret.

“It wasn’t just the Germany game. Over the course of the tournament we looked a long way behind the other top nations and when it came to the crunch, the best side won. People will talk about the decision not to allow Frank Lampard’s goal, but it was plain and simple to see that we just weren’t good enough.

“Almost every team I have played for – including England – always want to hit the front players as early as possible. You won’t get away with that at international level. It’s about technique, keeping control of the ball, passing and moving.

“We seem to abandon good technique because we are obsessed with getting the ball from back to front as quickly as possible. That doesn’t work against top teams.

“No one pulls the England shirt on with more pride than me but we’ve got to face up to the reality of it all. We’re just not good enough.

“Maybe it’s time to really look at how we’re teaching kids to play. Maybe we’re paying the price for having the best league in the world.”

As much as you probably think you are doing a great deed Mr. Cole, you just aren’t. If anything it annoys me more, and I’d rather you keep your mouth shut really. All you have done is point out how you recognised your failings in training. If you knew all this whilst playing in the tournament, then why didn’t you try and adapt your game? Why did you come out before the World Cup and say we could win it, if you think we’re just not good enough now? Why give the league that pays your wages a swift kick in the nether regions when before the tournament I’m sure you called it the greatest league in the world?

You will appease many by just telling them what they want to hear, to be honest Joe it is quite a clever trick. People with something about them though should see through this whole escapade of a speech and should be asking further questions of players who before the tournament were World beaters, yet after the tournament recognise they weren’t good enough at all. Funny that.

Even stranger Joe is the fact you have a new book out in a few weeks. Following the World Cup, you could have lost potential readers, angry with how the team did. Maybe I’m cynical, but perhaps this sycophantic speech will win back those who may have vowed not to have anything to do with the England team following South Africa.

The best thing for the players to do now? Say nothing. Leave the media circus. Let the hysteria die down, go back to your domestic club training and stop talking about England. This is no longer your World Cup.


Written by Nicole Carroll

July 4, 2010 at 6:02 pm

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