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Hodgson: The figurehead for a new stable Liverpool?

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English fans are somewhat turning their attention back to the Premier League, and the head turning news of the day is Roy Hodgson sighing a deal to manage Liverpool.

There had been speculation linking many names to the Liverpool job, with O’Neill, McLeish, Kenny Dalglish and Hodgson himself being linked to the job since the season left and before Rafa Benitez even left the club.

Although Hodgson will see the job as one of the greatest opportunities of his career, many on the outside looking in see the job as a poison chalice, and are already predicting that Hodgson will part company from the club long before his contract expires.

Despite doing incredibly well with Fulham last year, Hodgson perhaps faces the biggest challenge in the Premier League next season. Liverpool failed to secure Champions League football, and were hustled out of the top 5 places in the league. For a club decorated in such a fantastic history, this was nothing short of a disaster, and now the fans will be expecting Liverpool to bounce back to reclaim the Champions League place they want (and need!).

Liverpool will have very limited resources to play with during the transfer window, and Hodgson will now have to juggle the formation of a relationship with his new bosses with tryign to persuade stars such as Torres and Gerrard to stay at the club whilst they are in a transitional phase.

Despite needing to create a good relationship with Hicks and Gillett, he also needs to be mindful that the minute a buyer eventually takes over the club, he will be living on a knife edge as the potential investors may want to bring in a new manager for the club.

Guiding Fulham to the Europa League final was an astounding achievement for Hodgson, but domestically Fulham weren’t fantastic, finishing mid table. With slightly bigger resources and higher expectations, Hodgson is going to be under pressure from all sectors to turn Liverpool around as a club. As an English manager, it would be great for him to make waves at a huge club like Liverpool.

The achievement for Hodgson would be the ability to balance fans expectations against what is possible now at Liverpool, whilst spending a relatively small transfer budget wisely to bolster the squad and get them competing with the likes of emerging powers Manchester City.

Liverpool would have to do fantastically well to get a fourth placed finish, but domestic silverware in the shape of the FA of League Cup is not out of their hands. A piece of silverwear would be a fantastic for the manager, it would bring the fans onside, and would possibly entice a new buyer into the club, ultimately creating a more stable Liverpool FC for the future.


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July 1, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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