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The final 16: Who goes through? The From the Press box prediction

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After a long group stage which seemed it would never end, we’ve reached the final 16, and this is where the competition really hots up.

The problem with the initial group stages is the fact that everyone is so cagey in their first matches, and the lack of action in these opening games really put a dampener on my World Cup experience, and it’s only the final matches which have proved interesting for me.

We’ve had some good matches and at the same time we’ve really had some mediocre matches where a lot of the top players have failed to perform. We’ve had our shocks, in the shape of France and Italy going home, but now the final 16 have been decided, and the next round of matches shall be concluded in fairly quick succession.

This is where it gets exciting. We’ve cut the teams by exactly half now, and we now have a slightly clearer insight on who could be the potential winners, and the paths the various teams would need to take to get to the final.

I’ve spent the last week thinking that it would probably be Argentina that wins the World Cup now, but I think the final 16 shall spur the teams on now and we should hopefully see a greater quality in matches and teams should finally start playing to their full potential.

Here are my predictions for the final 16 results, remember this is me betting, so I will probably be very very wrong!:

Uruguay vs. South Korea
USA vs. Ghana
Germany vs. England
Argentina vs. Mexico
Netherlands vs. Slovakia
Brazil vs. Chile
Paraguay vs. Japan
Spain vs. Portugal


Written by Nicole Carroll

June 25, 2010 at 11:59 pm

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