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Is the tide turning for former World Cup winners?

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With Italy’s 3-2 loss to Slovakia, the World Cup bids arrivederci to the 2006 winners. Just earlier this week we saw France leave the competition in embarrassing fashion, despite being the 1998 winners and finalists back in 2006.

Is there a sense of entitlement for these teams which leads them to their own downfall, or is it living on past glories with squad players who are past their best that is now holding back these once great nations.

With only 9 players from the 2006 tournament, Italy arguably had a new squad which combined experience as well as talented youngsters. However, they’ve failed to crack a group which featured World Cup debutants Slovakia, who have ended up second in the group and now will progress in the competition whilst the Italians board the plane home, wondering how they could have changed their world cup fate.

If anything, Italy and France’s performance almost puts England group stage faring in a different light. England now see themselves in the final 16 unbeaten in South Africa, whilst fairly recent World Cup holders France had a nightmare in the group stages, and last tournament winners Italy struggled against a team who’d never appeared on the World Cup stage.

Do we still have some shocks to come in the group stages?

With only 7 former World Cup winners, could it now be the time for a new team to emerge as the future for this competition? Could this be the year for Spain or Portugal to finally realise their potential and take that World Cup crown, or will it be the usual candidates slogging it out to the final? The World Cup just got a lot more interesting.


Written by Nicole Carroll

June 24, 2010 at 4:30 pm

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