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Play for a draw, or not playing at all

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We’ve finally got to the end of the group stages, and the matches between France and South Africa, and Mexico facing Uruguay start the completion sequence in Group A today.

Uruguay and Mexico currently hold the qualifying positions in the group, and there is much speculation between fans and the bookies that the two teams will be playing for the draw which will see both teams go through to the final 16, dumping France and the host nation South Africa out of the tournament.

Why wouldn’t they both want to go for the draw? They’d have the glory of knocking France out of the tournament, and they’ll propel themselves into the final sixteen, and with a good draw and a decent result in the next round, we could potentially see one of these two teams in the final 8.

Although there is only a small chance of France now qualifying, the match between them and South Africa shall be interesting in the fact that France simply might not have a team who want to play South Africa.

In The Guardian today is a an article in which French coach Domenech has claimed that some of the squad simply won’t want to play in the final group match, following the in camp tensions after Anelka was sent home for bad mouthing the manager. Unless France win by a healthy margin, and the Mexico vs. Uruguay match ends without a draw, France will not be getting through, and shall fly home a broken team.


Written by Nicole Carroll

June 22, 2010 at 11:09 am

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