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Goals goals goals? Not in South Africa

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We’re going to hit 31 games today by the time this is published, which means we are roughly half way through the World Cup tournament already!

Today saw the biggest scoring game of the tournament so far, with Portugal beating North Korea in a 7 goal romp in the second half.

Arguably, the first round of matches appeared to be fairly slow and things are now picking up now the games have massive importance as to who will qualify for the next 16 of the tournament.

Other than the 7 goal spree we saw earlier today, and Germany’s 4-0 win in their first match of the tournament, the goals don’t seem to be free flowing, and this lead me to do a little bit of research.
The Switzerland/Chile match today is the 31st match in the tournament. In all these 31 matches, we’ve had 65 goals which averages out as 2.1 goals per game.

This percentage doesn’t really mean a lot until you show it against the previous three World Cup competitions:

France 1998:
31 games into the tournament: 78 goals, 2.5 goals per game on average

South Korea and Japan 2002:
games into the tournament: 84 goals, 2.7 goals per game on average

Germany 2006:
31 games into the tournament: 71 goals, 2.3 goals per game on average

South Africa 2010:
31 games into the tournament: 65 goals, 2.1 goals per game on average

We’re 6 goals behind the German based World Cup, and a massive 19 goals behind the tournament 8 years ago. Have defences got better, or has the quality of football up front declined to the point where we are seeing lower scores across the board?

Italia 90 holds the record for fewest goals per match, with 2.21 goals per match on average. If South Africa’s tournament continues in the same vain, then we could see a new record in terms of low goal numbers.

With another 33 matches to go, we’ll definitely not be looking at the lowest goal tally in the tournaments history, with the record being set at 70 goals in 1930 and 1934. On the other hand, if the strikers find the scoring boots out, maybe they can push for a final flourish and match the goals of 1998 which were the highest in the tournaments history with 171.

Goals? I love them. Goals from England would be a welcome appearance on Wednesday night to boost the overall tally! Have a look at this Rooney and co for some inspiration!


Written by Nicole Carroll

June 21, 2010 at 4:11 pm

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