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The best of the (free) World Cup apps

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The only problem with the World Cup (if you can call it that), is work. Anyone who has to work during the group stages is going to miss a good majority of the matchups, even if the results involve teams who shouldn’t really matter to us.

Modern technology is pretty swish though, and the iPhone is something which can keep the modern football fan connected to whats going on in South Africa with just the click of an app.

There are obviously a number of paid for apps, but there are some decent free apps available for the tournament this summer, some being better than others.

So far, my favourite has to be The Telegraph’s World Cup app. First off, I think it has a nice interface which is eye catching but highly functional at the same time.

All the news feed is quite obviously content fed from The Telegraph’s site. The app is smoove, and you can quickly find all the information you want. Something which is quite nice about the app is the different presentation of the Group stages. Rather than a list going down, it gives you some nice visuals of the flags and allows you to click through to see all the matches of that group, rather than cluttering up the page and making it confusing, which you’ll see in the other apps.

Another app with a nice interface is “World Cup calendar”. The app is essentially the same as The Telegraphs in the fact it gives match information and info about the tournament, but the presentation is slightly quirkier.

As you can see, rather than information being present on the front page, it’s more of a menu which allows you to choose what information you want to see. The picture on the right is actually what you get when you click on today’s suprise, so I assume that during the tournament, there will be different games on this section.

The news for this app is simply fed from the FIFA website, and also has the bonus of some nice pages when you click through on the countries menu.

When you click through to the individual countries, the national anthems play in the background, and you get histories of the countries achievements. It seems a nice alternative to The Telegraph’s app, but the interface on The Telegraph’s does seem to be slicker.

If you don’t want nifty features, and purely want something where you see the results on the screen, then you have an abundance of these types of apps in the free app chart.

The “South Africa” app has quite a simply opening page with all the match ups listed. However, as you select matches you want information on, you get some great features which include pictures of the stadiums, and what matches will be played at that stadium

If you want no bells and whistles though, you have a choice of two good apps; the patriotic “England” app, and “ILiga South Africa”.

The options are fairly limited on both apps, but ILiga South Africa looks to have a video section, which could be a nice feature during the tournament.

An app is only as good as its functionality though, and this cannot be tested until the tournament actually kicks off. This is the first time apps will be used during the World Cup, perhaps if it is successful there will be further choice in the next big footballing tournament of apps and functions they can provide for us to satisfy our football needs.


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  1. Thanks for the info!!!


    June 17, 2010 at 4:16 am

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