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The King of defence

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Heres a good stat from @optajoe on Twitter: “England have lost none of the 13 games in which both John Terry and Ledley King have played (9 wins). Combo.”

Following the injury to Rio Ferdinand, King is now expected to take up Ferdinand’s place in the starting line up, and with form like that between Terry and King, the option seems a great one.

John Terry hasn’t had the best season and has had a difficult season in the limelight over his off the field affairs. Being stripped of the England captaincy will surely have been a low point in his career, but the title win for Chelsea should have lifted his spirits slightly and now he can hopefully recapture his form at a time that matters.

King’s own injury problems are more than well documented, and many of the back pages today talk about how King believes his knee can hold out for the tournament – and why not? The player knows his own limitations, and with the right medical care, Ledley should be ok for the tournament as the matches are well spaced apart.

This is only the beginning for the media hype now. Every scrap of information that comes out of the next few days training sessions will be disseminated by the nations press, somehow trying to predict how the match against the USA will go.

I’m obviously excited for the start of the World Cup campaign, but this constant deluge of news from the England training camp is getting slightly tiresome. I’m hoping it’ll be better when the tournament actually kicks off, and theres 32 teams vying for space in the back pages, rather than just our team being stretched to fill all the pages.


Written by Nicole Carroll

June 6, 2010 at 5:29 pm

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