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With the nation going into full World Cup mode, the media are there to fuel the patriotic flames, and to perhaps educate those who don’t follow football religiously.

I’m not normally a Telegraph reader, but I really enjoyed their World Cup booklet today.

Rather than padding out the booklet with stories about these almost “fluffy” subjects, it’s concisely placed onto one page, rather than having to elaborate on any of the stories. It left more page room for a quality look at Didier Drogba, as well as an interview with Michael Owen about Wayne Rooney.

The indepth guide to each squad was well worth a look as well:

This is the Group C example which includes our very own England. Some football supplements can be a bit serious, but the inclusion of the Top WAG and the National Anthem words were a welcome tough in among the factual stuff such as former form, the manager and the squad that has been chosen so far.

Only problem with these supplements for the journalists writing them is the injuries which are now happening before the World Cup finals, meaning that the information is now out of date!

The only thing I was disappointed with was the wall chart which due to the size of the booklet, was very small. I want one with moveable flags, the works. Any suggestions?


Written by Nicole Carroll

June 5, 2010 at 6:33 pm

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