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Sticker success!

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It’s time to look at my Panini sticker book, and it’s looking good!

I’m now down to a final 115 stickers, which is making the act of opening stickers even more painful, as I get about 10 needs out of 50 stickers now.

Remarkably though, I haven’t completed one squad.

I’m down to just needing one player for: England, USA, Netherlands, Ivory Coast and Italy

I’m pretty glad I’m coming to the end of this saga now, as I think its probably cost me the shocking amount of £70! I don’t know how any kid can ever afford to finish one of these collections, its shocked me how hard it is to get all the stickers, and I’ve ended up with double swaps, as well as triples of some stickers.

Next Saturday is the England vs. Usa game. At the moment I’m missing Ashley Cole and Tim Howard, lets hope it’s Tim Howard who goes missing during the match, rather than our own left back! With any luck I’ll have finished at least one team, and can finish the whole book in time for the end of the tournament.

Do I order my final 50 from Panini? At the moment I’m swerving towards a yes, as I don’t think I’ll be able to face opening numerous packets just to get the elusive final stickers. Anything I’ve got left in my swaps pile can then hopefully go on ebay to claw some of my pennies back. Lets hope in 20 years its worth a small fortune, otherwise I’ll have collected lots of sticky paper for nothing more than a few hours smug satisfaction!


Written by Nicole Carroll

June 4, 2010 at 10:39 am

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