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Balls have players in a spin

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It’s this little beauty which is causing controversy just a few weeks before the World Cup tournament begins.

Although Adidas claim it to be the roundest ball ever, players have already been quick to criticise the ball which will be used through the World Cup finals, with comparisons being drawn to a supermarket football.

Iker Casillas has been highly critical of the movement of the ball, claiming it moves like a beachball, whilst other players such as Julio Baptista and Italy’s Pazzini criticising the movement of the ball.

Maybe the ball is a little bit different to what they’ve been playing with, but surely professional footballers can adapt in the next two weeks to the physics of the ball? If they can’t adapt, then maybe we can expect to view some goals which maybe wouldn’t have happened had the physics of the ball been slightly different.

The higher altitude in South Africa means the ball is going to move slightly quicker anyway, adding to this the apparant swerve of the ball, we could see some interesting results, something which will only add to the unpredictable nature of the tournament.


Written by Nicole Carroll

May 31, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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