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Nikola Zigic – Welcome to Birmingham!

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The most exciting news for any Blues fan today was the signing of Zigic from Valencia for what is meant to be around £6 million.

Over the past 24 hours, all news media stories about Birmingham have been about the impending signing of Zigic, and with so much publicity, I was really worried the transfer was going to collapse around us and leave a really sour taste in our mouths. Just after lunch today, all our hopes were confirmed with the announcement of a four year contract, and proof for a second time that our new board can move quickly to get their man.

A player like Zigic is a massive coup for Blues. Naturally, we have to talk about him with some caution. So far, he seems to be a fantastic acquisition and his goal rate for the clubs he has played for, domestically and internationally, is impressive. In Premier League competition he is untested, and he will need to prove himself in this league.

The intentions of the board seem to be fantastic, and McLeish seems to be moving decisively in selecting top class players who can really make a difference to the team. A fantastic keeper in the shape of Foster has already arrived, and Zigic has the potential to really bring something different for Blues upfront.

With signings coming thick and fast, Blues fans can’t decide what may happen next. With three signings already in the bag, Birmingham seem to be working quickly to form a squad who can gel quickly, and who can make a damn good attempt at matching this seasons position, if not bettering it.

In Eck we trust again, if this video is anything to go by:


Written by Nicole Carroll

May 26, 2010 at 7:41 pm

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