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Nicole Carroll: A one woman mission to make a name in football

5 things we’ve learnt from England vs. Mexico

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1. Theo Walcott is infuriating

He really can’t decide what to do with his final ball. He makes some brilliant runs, yet finishes with absolutely zilch. In the opening minutes of the match, Walcott made a poor pass into the box, and another run 27 minutes into the first half saw him crossing the ball too late with Rooney in an offside decision., He needs more confidence in his own ability, and needs to judge when to cross to his man or when to go it alone. Is the World Cup the tournament for him? I’m not sure.

2. If Carrick is the answer…

Then the question can only be “Who won’t be on that plane to South Africa this summer”. You can commit to that family holiday now mate. – Credit must go to Oldham from the SHA message boards for this category.

3. We need to wrap King in cotton wool

There is no doubting that Ledley King is a truly fantastic defender, yet he does have problems playing regular games because of his knee problems. He’s such a great player though; solid at the back, and as we saw tonight, he can provide up front when it matters. With the gaps in-between the games during the group stages, King should be ok to play and train. He’s possibly the best defender of the squad when he’s fit; he needs to be looked after, and his form should then reward England ten fold.

A fantastic defensive line up should be England’s first attack during the tournament. He’ll struggle to displace the captain Rio Ferdinand and England’s main stay John Terry, but if we do manage the unthinkable and get fairly far in the competition, some amount of rotation is going to be needed, and King should be able to fulfil that role with relative ease. Ledley in the England squad? Long live the King.

4. Cole MUST stay fit

Although Mr Cole may be one of England’s most hated players for off the field reasons, England fans will still be hoping and praying that he stays fit for the tournament. I’m still not entirely convinced by Leighton Baines, and it would be a massive loss to the England side if we couldn’t field the best left back in this country by far, if not in the world.

A team of second choice players can surely only ever come second best – we need a team which contains Ashley Cole to have a chance of getting reasonably far on the biggest stage of all.

5. England still need to improve

Tonight may have only been a friendly, and the players would not have been playing at full pelt, but it was quite obvious that the squad will need further time to gel. We didn’t play fantastically well in the first half, despite the scoreline. Our football wasn’t as fluid as Mexico, and we just lacked some sort of spark. With 3 weeks until the tournament start, and the further cutting of the squad to come, the streamlined squad should be able to settle into a decent side who could well have a chance at the tournament.


Written by Nicole Carroll

May 24, 2010 at 8:46 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Who is this Oldham chap? He sounds brilliant. And sexy. Tell me more.

    Handsome b wonderful

    May 24, 2010 at 8:50 pm

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