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Follow your H(e)art Capello: Make the right choice

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With tomorrows friendly at Wembley being the last home match before the World Cup, Fabio Capello has the chance to play with his starting line up a little, in anticipation for the naming of the 23 man squad next week.

The squad wasn’t too much of a shock when he picked his thirty men, and omissions from the squad have mainly been down to injury rather than any loss of form.

The biggest choice for Capello at the tournament surely is who he goes with in goal for England. The three contenders all have their merits. David James is the veteran keeper with the masses of England experience. Robert Green is younger yet he still has favourable England experience. Then there is Joe Hart, who has had the season of his career, but sorely lacks the experience on an international level.

Some are looking towards tomorrows goalkeeper being first choice during the tournament, but I’m not sure if thats what will actually happen. If Joe Hart is selected tomorrow, it will be a test to see how he can perform with a different defensive line up infront of him, and to see whether he can handle the pressure. Quite sadly, even if Hart is selected to start tomorrow, I feel like James will be given the nod during the tournament.

Capello, take the risk. You have a young player who has had a fantastic season which was virtually perfect. He’s emerged as, what I believe to be, the greatest goalkeeper in the country and he just needs to be given the chance. He may be lacking the experience, but he’s a fantastic shot stopper, and possibly the main reason why a team who were tipped to be relegation fodder, ended up 10th in the Premier League – a fantastic achievement.

He’s young, he’s naive to international football but he’s got a mature head on his shoulders. He knew he had to leave Manchester City on loan to further his career, and it is probably the best thing he has ever done, as he’ll be first choice at City next season, playing with some of the best players in the world with the money available at their disposal.

Aswell as looking at the short term, we need to look at the long term for the England set up. James is pushing 40, and Hart is the new blood. At some point he is going to have to be involved in a major international competition, even if Capello has to be risky in the first group game, then I think its a risk worth taking for the future of the side. He’s a mature lad, give him a chance in the set up, I think you’ll be rewarded ten fold.


Written by Nicole Carroll

May 23, 2010 at 7:25 am

Posted in World Cup 2010

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