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Nicole Carroll: A one woman mission to make a name in football

Five Pound Football Club: The relaunch

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Following my last blog post about this venture, I’ve found myself getting involved with the next stage of this project.

Following Nick’s link on Facebook, I became the proud owner of the number 000003 in this venture. The site is easily navigated into sections, and you have the ability to leave messages on fellow members individual profiles, and the potential to learn about the people who have joined this concept.

We’re obviously at a very early stage, and the idea of actually owning a football club is still very much a pipe dream until the members required join, and once some decisions can be made in regards to what club to approach etc, the venture can move forward. Up until the point where the project has enough financial clout to approach a club, there is a vote area, where various topics are being voted on and discussed to shape the type of club the group will eventually approach in looking towards owning, or partially owning.

It’s a bit exciting, and being on the inside, it means I can chart this from the start, and get an idea of whether a type of fan ownership model can ever be successful in this country. In the mean time, it should be interesting to see other football fans takes on how they think an idea like this should be put together, and eventually I’m looking forward to visiting the club I’m hopefully going to get involved with. Maybe Nicole Carroll, football owner is getting one step closer…


Written by Nicole Carroll

May 22, 2010 at 12:01 am

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