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It may be the Champions League final tomorrow, but I’m more pre-occupied by a different type of final tomorrow – The Championship playoff final.

It’s a massive game, in terms of the boost it will give to the winning club, as well as in financial terms. Figures of around £90 million are being banded around, which is a frightening amount of money, and adds to the pressure for the clubs to win the match.

It’s not only Blackpool and Cardiff fans who will be interested in this match. Fellow Championship clubs will be keen to find out which team remains in their league next season, whilst Premier League fans will be eager to discover whether we’ve got a seaside away day next season, or whether we’ll be travelling to a different country.

Neutral support at the moment seems to be driven towards Blackpool, as it would almost be a fairytale for this club, with attendances averaging only 8000 per game, stepping into the bright lights of the top league in this county. Everyone is also looking forward to the chance to a boozy away day on the beach, and are secretly thinking of the potentially easy 3 points on a weekly basis.

Cardiff cannot be written off, and perhaps the reason that people are siding with Blackpool, is the fact they believe that Cardiff could legitimately challenge in the Premier League, to stay up at least. Some will also not be looking forward to the prospect of going to Cardiff and facing some of the “passionate” fans that reside there. Cardiff would be a good addition to the Premier League though, bringing loud away support to games, and a fantastic stadium to play matches at.

Lets hope that all attention will be on the winners of tomorrows matches, and it doesn’t become another scathing attack on the Wembley pitches. This is the biggest match of the year for these two teams, and they should enjoy it. I don’t envy the fans right now – their stomachs will be doing somersaults in anticipation, the nerves will be at top level, and they’ll have to brace themselves for the potential heart break.

Good luck to both teams tomorrow, lets hope it can be a good day out and a good experience at Wembley for once. Come on you oranges!


Written by Nicole Carroll

May 21, 2010 at 9:37 am

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