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Blues fans in South Africa

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It’s now only 23 days to go until the World Cup, and the country seems to be getting into full swing, with the car banners already out and flying.

Although we only have a tenuous link in the England squad, in the shape of last seasons loanee Joe Hart, there are quite a few Blues fans that I know of going to South Africa, but its the ones who take flags who will be noticeable on pitchside.

This is Ed’s flag, which he’ll be taking to South Africa. He posts on the Small Heath Alliance and is going out to the World Cup with a number of Brummies including a Villa Fan. They’ve all chipped in for the flag, which must be a bit of a bummer for the Villa fan as I’d associate this with Birmingham City!

Have a good time, wish I was over there! Keep up the Brummie support, lets hope the England boys can do something for us this summer!


Written by Nicole Carroll

May 19, 2010 at 10:54 am

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