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One of the stories in the Guardian today intrigues me, as it talks about Wigan tightening the purse strings this summer, frightened of the financial difficulties at Portsmouth and Hull hitting their own club.

Wigan have done well in the Premier League in the time they’ve been there, but finished last season just two places above the relegation places, and the news that they won’t be looking to spend alot this summer will worry some fans.

You do not have to spend a fortune in the Premier League to stay up, and Birmingham managed to spend a relatively low amount last summer and finished in a top ten position. The key to doing well in the Premier League is spending wisely, and plugging the gaps in your squad with enough quality to be able to compete with those around you.

The team that finished below Wigan and stayed up were West Ham, who will be looking to spend this summer to avoid the position they found themselves in last season. If Wigan fail to spend sufficiently to build a squad who can keep afloat in the Premier League, they’ll find themselves in the Championship, possibily wishing they’d taken more of a gamble the previous summer.

The teams who are to be promoted cannot be seen as automatic relegation fodder, and therefor you need to improve your squad on a yearly basis to be able to compete on the same level. With Wigan struggling this season, they probably need more of a cash injection than ever to give them a good basis to build upon to maintain a future in the top league.

If they don’t want the problems that faced Hull and Portsmouth, they simply need to sign players who are going to fit into the wage structure they currently have in place, and not overspend just to bring names into the club. Players will accept silly wages if you offer them, but if you go for realistic targets who will both enhance the team, but won’t rock the boat, then they should be alright if they manage to stay up next season, or even if they face the heartbreak of relegation next season. At least have a good go at the league rather than going out with a whimper.


Written by Nicole Carroll

May 18, 2010 at 11:34 am

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