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Sticker book update

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It has been a few weeks, so heres the update on my latest project: the Panini World Cup 2010 sticker book.

So far I must have opened close to 50 packets worth of stickers, and although I found it a chore at first, opening and sticking them in is horribly theraputic. I received 25 more packets in the post today, and wasted an hour of my life opening them, sorting them into piles according to their numbers, and placing them into my book.

Quite easily my fullest page is the Honduras spread, with 5 stickers to go. Now the page is so full, I’m quickly gathering doubles of those stickers, and will probably end up with a double of everything I’ve got before getting anything new to finish that page.

The team I’m really struggling to get stickers for is France. It took me about 25 packets before I even found one, and even about 20 packets later, my France page is puny. Where are you Frenchies?!

I’ve updated my swaps page into countries now, so anything you want, drop me an email!


Written by Nicole Carroll

May 13, 2010 at 10:29 am

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  1. Have you got Carlos Costly? Can’t see in the photo. Honduran ace who Birmingham should be having a look at (ducks).

    What’s all this 25 packs of stickers lark, I thought you had a maximum of 10 a week? 😉

    Russell Dempsey

    May 13, 2010 at 10:39 am

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