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Liverpool: Another team on a crash course with oblivion?

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Now that Liverpool are destined to be without Champions League football, next season is starting to look bleaker and bleaker for the Merseyside club.

With massive debts crippling the club, it looks as if they will have to sell at least one from Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard, if not both. The clubs debts are growing, currently standing at around £472.5 million, and the club have a massive wage bill of around £101 million per season. Even on a daily vasis, there is a loss happening of around £100,000.

It is all massively worrying for the club, and also for the Premier League. With the club failing to trouble for a title, trophy or European football, Liverpool are potentially looking crisis in the face. The club will take at least 6 months to sell, and in that time, there is going to be very little money for investment, which could lead to Liverpool sliding down the league.

Looking at the financial side, it seems a very real possibility that Liverpool could “do a Portsmouth” and end up in administration within a season or two. Some sources are claiming that the Premier League have already spoken to the side to confirm that they will be able to fulfill their fixtures next season – quite a frightening question really.

Problems at Liverpool, Manchester United and Portsmouth show that these models which are based on running on massive amounts of debt are simply unsustainable, and these clubs simply have to pare back. Liverpool are a team rich in history and success, but if chasing success means the potential implosion of the club, then surely this cannot be worth it. The only good that can come from these stories, is that the rest of the league stands up and takes notice, and makes real inroads to avoid running their own clubs on a foundation of debt, and to aim to run sustainable, competitive clubs.


Written by Nicole Carroll

May 11, 2010 at 9:34 am

3 Responses

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  1. Wishful thinking on your part


    May 11, 2010 at 11:25 am

  2. I think Everton and Liverpool will have to look again at the prospect of a ground sharing scheme. I didn’t think things were that desperate at the club but i suppose they only have themselves to blame. The Premier Lge chairmen seem not to wanna listen and prefer to put their heads in the sand. In the 1980’s Liverpool were losing money hand over fist during a recession and it seems they haven’t learned from those dark days.
    For a club of the stature of Liverpool to be in such trouble is disgraceful. The people in power at the club should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen again. The Premier Lge is heading for a fall if these clubs don’t get their houses in order. Huge clubs with astronomical debts, jesus it’s frightening to see what’s going on. How much money have Liverpool lost in not qualifying for the Champions Lge? The club is in serious trouble. Their supporters won’t agree with the prognosis but the truth hurts and the truth is Liverpool are heading for financial meltdown.
    EUFA have got to bring in leglislation now to stop clubs from overspending. How has it been allowed to get as bad as it has? Maybe it’s gonna take a club like Liverpool going to the wall for the rest to sit up and take notice. This administration is just a fad. Club owners know they can take the club into Administration if it all goes wrong. That is something that has to change in the world of football. Football clubs have become decadent and got away with things most companies would have been put out of business for. Hopefully Michel Platini has the courage to change the laws governing the football world. He may come up against serious resistance from Sepp Blater but if he stays strong in his beliefs then i believe he’s the man to change things for the betterment of the game overall.


    May 11, 2010 at 3:29 pm

  3. They have a stubborn coach who never stops crying along with a team that is nowhere near as great as they think

    Add in declining Gerrard and an always injured Torres and we have a team that doesnt sniff the Top 4 anytime soon


    May 12, 2010 at 1:07 am

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