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The alternative Blues awards

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The alternative Blues awards

It’s party time here at From the Press Box, and unlike the Blues who can afford Beverley Knight and the ICC, we’re making do with my back bedroom and a karaoke machine. Such is life. As much as the entertainment would be very out of place at one of these events, these awards are unlikely to be given out at the end of season dinner.

With no further ado, I present the (alternative) Player awards for 2010:

Gesture of the season

Stephen Carr – Aston Villa away

One salt shaker gesture was all it needed for Steven Carr to take this award and write his place into Bluenose history. A true example of a player conveying the feelings of all the fans watching. The one game ban was very much worth it.

Chant of the season

“Lets all do the Wenger”

First debuted against Arsenal at home, the song has spanned its own Facebook group and is a chant which can unite teams in the Premier League and across Europe. Expect the dance remix version to top the charts next summer.

Runner up: We’re all going on a European tour

Funny at the time, when we probably didn’t believe we’d stay in such a high position for such a long period in the season. Unlike those from across the City, we can take the mick out of our European ambitions!

The “Wish he hadn’t gone” award

Franck Queuedrue. Who else is going to provide us with wacky hairstyles and ruggedly good looks?

Best towel moment

Liam Ridgewell at Stoke City back in December. It had drama, with the argument that ensued between player and ball boy, suspense with Liam Ridgewell waiting for the towel, and a satisfying ending, with Blues beating Stoke 1-0. A moral victory for Ridgewell and a crucial three points.

Flop of the season

Giovanny Espinoza


Best miss from 2 yards out

Chucho Benitez’s spectacular miss against Blackburn. One of those that was easier to score!

Splinter in the bum award

The chase between Blues and Michel was some sort of dodgy love story, but eventually the club got their boy. Despite this elongated game of kiss chase, since arriving at the club, Michel has spent his time on the bench, reading his Spanish to English dictionary and picking splinters out of his backside.

The “Craigy Gardner is a Blue” award

Craig Gardner. Finally wiped himself clean from the sty, and now plays for his boyhood team. The stuff that dreams are made of.

The “He’s better than we thought” award

With ten goals in this campaign, which leaves him in the top ten Premier League goal list, it’s Cameron Jerome. Much maligned and debated, the player must have gone someway this season to changing the opinions.

Rant of the season award

Roger Johnson for his post match rant following the loss to Villa last month. Choice words included “I thought the ref was a disgrace for the whole game” and “No ifs nor buts, it wasn’t a penalty”.

Keeping the Doctor in work award

The ever injured Stuart Parnaby justifies the newly improved medical staff at Blues. Rumoured to be best friends with the team doctor. A fragile soul, who you always predict to be substituted when he rarely starts.

..And that’s it for another season. We still have one match to go so the seasons fun isn’t entirely finished. The biggest award, in all seriousness, should go to all of Birmingham City FC for the committed effort to push on this season and for giving the fans something to remember. Lets hope that at the end of next season I can be just as jovial, looking towards a third consecutive league in the top flight.


Written by Nicole Carroll

May 5, 2010 at 4:31 pm

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