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West Ham PR spin? Or a legitimate effort to strengthen the squad?

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Now that the Premier Leagues relegation sides have all but mathematically been decided, those who narrowly missed relegation, such as West Ham, are announcing their transfer plans for the close season.

One of their new owners, David Sullivan, today announced that all of the West Ham squad, bar Scott Parker, are up for sale in the summer, and they are prepared to listen to offers for the players.

Despite their lowly league position this season, the squad contains some real quality players, and the idea of players such as Carlton Cole or England defender Matthew Upson being available will prick the ears of some Premier League clubs when it comes to drawing up their summer targets list.

The idea of a summer shake up at West Ham isn’t something the fans should be looking forward to. The problem with Sullivan is that he’s full of hot air. Summer after summer at Birmingham we experienced the club talking up the signings they were going to bring in, and making derisory bids for players with ridiculous add on clauses who eventually never came to the club. After a period of around two weeks in negotations, invariably the deal would collapse, and we’d end up with a completely underwhelming player joining the club.

This morning saw a £4 million bid from West Ham being made for promoted West Brom midfielder Graham Dorrans. Although Dorrans is a good player and would be a good addition to the side, fans should be wary of these bids, which are likely to come to nothing and are a PR creation to try and show some intent from the West Ham board.

What will be vital for West Ham is to keep the core of the team, strengthen, and allow the manager to make the important squad selections. West Ham have massive cuts to make in terms of budget, and the prospect of that happening to any football club doesn’t exactly fill the fans with hope. Birmingham managed to spend very little last summer and stay up, and at the time this was under the guardianship of Gold and Sullivan. If they, with Zola, spend their money wisely whilst selling carefully, they should be able to achieve a balance which will ensure theywon’t be hovering precariously over the relegation places next season.


Written by Nicole Carroll

April 27, 2010 at 11:56 am

3 Responses

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  1. They have some quality there – their league position is poor representation of their calibre.
    Unfortunately though, i don’t see any player there to turn my head as a Villa fan and talk of Carlton Cole is worrying me!

    It’s a risky PR stunt though by saying the whole squad is up for sale… that wouldn’t give me hope no matter who we said we were trying to sign!

    Conan Doherty

    April 27, 2010 at 12:31 pm

  2. Wanna wish Eck and the brum all the best for next yr. the BRUM/VILLA/WEST BROM AND WOLVES will have some right battles and hopefully all 4 can stay in the PREMIER LGE for yrs to come.

    I was reading what u wrote in ur blog, nicolle, about 11 players being sold or allowed to leave. You were saying about the squad being threadbare and the need for the right players to come in. Alex McLeish knows who he wants already. He’s a very maticulous manager on every aspect of his job. I’d say he’s picked out who he wants to buy already or he wouldn’t be so quick to let so many leave. What i couldn’t understand though was when you talked about the possibility of a relegation fight next season. Were you just being prepared or do you really think it a possiblity that it could happen to the BRUM? Just 4 the record I wanna say that i’m not having a go at you. I read ur blog all the time and think ur a really good writer and that you know what ur talking about.

    Being a villa fan myself, I want the Derby games between VILLA & Birmingham every yr for a long long time. The atmosphere as i said on here before was electrifying at the last one at Villa Pk. I’m not consumed with winning the Derby games but the atmosphere. I said before that the noise made at the last one at Villa Pk rivalled that of the Old Firm games. That is something that has been lost in translation over the last 15yrs of the Prem Lge. The clubs seem happy to just take the money nowadays and want nothing to do with the ordinary decent hard working man who used to stand on the terraces, now sitting in seats. For me I guess it was refreshing to see real fans go at it from start to finish in the Derby game. Long may it continue and hopefully more supporters tune in and take notice of our clubs fans and how they support their respective teams.

    I’m being completely honest when i say that i want the BRUM in the Prem Lge, period. Sorry for the rantin’ & raving i’ve just done on ur site. I will try to keep it shorter next time.



    May 14, 2010 at 10:33 am

  3. I think for at least 12 teams in the Premier League, relegation is always a very real possibility. Its slowly becoming apparant that its not always the promoted teams that go back down, and prem teams who sit back and expect to be ok will be the ones who are going down. Wigan are going to struggle next seaosn, Bolton will.

    Hull had a fantastic first season, and they died in their second season. I’m not saying we’re definately going to be in trouble. I just think we need to be aware of the work that needs to go into the squad for next season, I think theres so much that has got to be done. I think the signs are encouraging, with us being linked to the likes of Foster and Zamora, just got to see whether the money is there, and whether deals are going to happen like that. I trust McLeish, he’s a fantastic manager, and he’s more than aware of the potential pitfalls of a good first season.

    Nicole Carroll

    May 14, 2010 at 10:36 am

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