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Forget injuries and focus on the title!

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Tomorrow St. Andrews will be host to Arsenal, and the media has already started feeding stories about Eduardos return to the ground following his horror injury in the same fixture last season.

Obviously the player is going to feel some nerves about the match, and going to the ground is a big deal for him. Is there any need to focus the whole game on an incident in the past, rather than looking at the bigger picture of whats happening this season. Thankfully, Eduardo is back playing and Martin Taylor has left the club, so tomorrow should be a great match with plenty at stake. Arsenal are very much in contention for the title, and surely it would be better for the team to focus on the title rather than past injuries.

McLeish has quite fairly stated that football has tackles involved, but turned the focus onto the match. Birmingham have only lost at home twice this season, so it is a fairly tough fixture for Arsenal. Following the 2-1 defeat to Blackburn, Blues need to tighten up the defence in the early stages of the match. Arsenal will punish us for any mistakes, so we need to take away oppotunities for them to get a couple of goals infront.


Written by Nicole Carroll

March 26, 2010 at 5:08 pm

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