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Price hike as Red Knights gather muscle

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On a day where news tells us that the Red Knights group is looking to recruit further financial muscle to their campaign, in the form of Manchester United fan and chairman of MAN Group, Jon Aisbitt, news has emerged of potential price hikes at Old Trafford to help cover debts.

The Guardian’s story today claims that the Glazer family are now in discussions about ticket prices for next season, and many are anticipating that the prices will yet again rise. Since the Glazers took over in 2005, there has been a price rise year upon year.

Although at one point there was a lengthy waiting list at United for a season ticket, the continual price rises and financial demands on the fans have lead to there being virtually no wait for a season ticket, a shocking idea for what is possibly the best supported team in the world today.

With the news last week that United fans have the highest percentage of fans who will not be renewing next season, surely the Glazers should now start to listen to fan demands. If the 52% predicted non-renewals actually happen, there will be massive financial implications for the club. It seems that the Glazers only seem to care about money, so maybe money will finally open their eyes to the massive problem they need to face head on.


Written by Nicole Carroll

March 18, 2010 at 7:43 pm

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