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Season ticket holders mass exodus

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Figures this week were printed, regarding the numbers of fans of Premier League clubs who are considering giving up their season tickets for the 2010/2011 season. The figures are as follows (as shown on originally)

  • Manchester United 59%
  • Wolves 54%
  • Burnley 31%
  • Fulham 29%
  • Everton 28%
  • Blackburn 28%
  • Portsmouth 28%
  • West Ham 27%
  • Aston Villa 24%
  • Sunderland 23%
  • Wigan 21%
  • Tottenham 19%
  • Manchester City 18%
  • Birmingham 17%
  • Chelsea 17%
  • Hull 17%
  • Arsenal 14%
  • Bolton 13%
  • Liverpool 9%
  • Stoke City 9%

In a time of economic downtime, leisure activities such as watching the football regularly, is something that many people are going to have to cut back on, as it is simply a luxury, rather than a necessity. However, there are possibly many footballing reasons as to why these fans are marching out of the door and voting with their feet.

With the uprising of the MUST group and tensions between fans and owners, it is almost not suprising that there is such a high percentage of Manchester United fans considering giving up their season tickets. A club of Uniteds stature however can be less worried about people giving up their season ticket, as they always have a waiting list of those desperate to take the places of those who have left.

Burnley and Wolves are both looking at a season back in the Championship, and when the glory teams stop visiting the grounds every week, the fans will leave. 54% is a massive number for Wolves to lose, and without the guaranteed season ticket money, they may not be able to fully finance a campaign to get back in the Premier League, should the drop happen.

Although Liverpool also have problems with their owners, only 9% of their fans are considering giving up their season tickets next season, the same figure as Stoke City fans. Does this suggest they are less likely to feel the pinch, are more satisfied with what they are seeing match day, or they just don’t want to have to give up their weekend hobby?


Written by Nicole Carroll

March 13, 2010 at 9:30 am

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