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Success breeding contempt among United Elite

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Following yesterdays blog about the MUST supporters group, with their Love United, Hate Glazer message, more details have emerged from the Guardian about Manchester United’s own thoughts.

According to the media outlet, Manchester United have now banned their own players for discussing the situation. Measures for doing this are meant to include:

  • Banning the players from discussing this campaign with the media
  • MUTV must not refer to the campaign, and a fan was removed from the television station for refusing to remove a green and gold scarf
  • A steward was sacked for trying to give back an anti-Glazer themed banner

What can they actually achieve by attempting to censor those on the inside? If anything, it shows panic among the Manchester United elite, and shows the campaign is taking effect and worrying those at the top. They cannot control how people really feel. If the players do agree with what the supporters trust are saying, eventually this detail will emerge either way, and the club will end up looking nothing more than a dictatorship! Wouldn’t a stronger message be one of trying to tackle the groups worries head on, and holding some sort of press conferance where they are entirely transparent with the fans?

David Beckham is no longer a player at the club, yet he almost tried to distance himself from the movement when questioned following AC Milan’s defeat. However, some are now arguing that, as a United fan, he truly knows the significance of what the scarf means, and therefore is showing some sort of support. According to The Times, the Red Knights consortium are now planning an approach to Beckham. According to the paper, they would approach him in a two fold way. Firstly, he would be asked if he would like to become an investor and actually own part of the club he supports. With a personal fortune estimated to be around £125 million, he is exactly the sort of super rich investor the Red Knights group are aiming to attract.

Even if Beckham did not want to put his personal fortune into a bid, his face and image is worth just as much to any campaign. “Brand Beckham” is famous all over the world, and companies clamour to get him to endorse their product as they know it should equal success with him being pictured with it. Beckham’s endorsement would allow the Anti Glazer, Love United message to be spread across the globe, garnering support like nobody could have imagined.

Beckham obviously will be remembered for his accolades on the pitch, both domestically and internationally. What could be a greater lasting legacy though, than being a hero for United fans in highlighting the problems with their ownership, and helping real fan power make changes at what is a multi-million pound business.


Written by Nicole Carroll

March 12, 2010 at 11:00 am

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  1. You said it best Nicole – “If anything, it shows panic among the Manchester United elite, and shows the campaign is taking effect and worrying those at the top”.

    All that these sorts of moves do is give the upper hand to MUST (which is not a bad thing, but surely the Glazers and the power-brokers behind the scenes of MUFC must realise this??) and further sway public opinion against the Glazers.

    I personally feel it is only a matter of time before the Glazers are confronted with a situation that is more trouble than it’s worth, and are greeted with a financial offer that is too good for even them to refuse (say, 1.2 or so billion pounds from the Red Knights). That will be a happy day for us all, and perhaps inspire other clubs in similar situations (Liverpool, Portsmouth) to move in the same direction.

    Love United, Hate Glazer.

    James Walker

    March 12, 2010 at 1:11 pm

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