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Why Wrighty is Wrong

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A story rumbling on over the last few days concerns Ian Wrights rant at his son’s employers. Manchester City have recently offered Shaun Wright-Phillips an extension to his contract which would see his wages rise to around £70,000 a week.

Ian Wright however has described Manchester Cities offer as desiry, and has said the club are “mugging off” his son because fellow players Tevez and Toure are meant to be on a salary of around £100,000 per week.

Over the past few days, the media have constantly fed us stories of football teams struggling with their own finances and football in general losing its grip on its own finances. Manchester City seemingly have a bottomless pit of wealth with the ability to throw any amount of money to the players they really desire.

Not that this should matter. Shaun Wright-Phillips is a very good player, and looks like having a shout of being on the steps of the plane to South Africa. Being a good player should be reward enough surely? When Shaun Wright-Phillips joined, he signed for a set amount of wages and was seemingly happy with that being the amount he is deemed to be worth. It is not for players to dictate to clubs how much they feel they should be paid, and his dad wading in to shout the odds about his son’s employers cannot help matters.
If Shaun Wright-Phillips wants to turn down the contract then let him. It’s not for others to judge what other players are earning, that is surely an agreement between the individual player and the club.

It’s not the first time that Ian Wright has felt the need to talk about his sons career, with Ian Wright back in 2008 telling him to leave Chelsea for a regular place at another Premier League club, “Portsmouth would be a good move for Shaun. He’s won a lot of medals and has done well at Chelsea. But he could go somewhere like Portsmouth and resurrect his career. Shaun can get people talking about him again like they used to when he was at City”

Shaun Wright-Phillips is a 28 year old man, he is no longer a child. If he wants to be treated like a man by his employers, then maybe his father should stop complaining, like a father to a child in first school.


Written by Nicole Carroll

March 5, 2010 at 5:46 pm

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  1. Players complaining about wages really does make me laugh, its funny that a young man like Shaun Wright-Phillips is sad because hes not on £100,000 a week, but on £70,000 a week, bless his little cotton socks. Look at Medo at West Ham, hes on £1,000 a week, thats still a lot of money, id love to be on that i tell ya now lol. I think footballers need to grow up and realize how cushty they have it, because while there there doing what they love, there are othere people slaveing away at some factory for a lot lot LOT less

    Will Fazack

    March 7, 2010 at 12:31 am

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