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Chucho: Should we sign him

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I’ve been very kindly asked to write a guest post over at Joys and Sorrows, a Birmingham City blog and forum. Thanks to them for letting me write for them this week:

The arrival of Christian Benitez to St. Andrews is murky tale. Media outlets could not decide whether we’d signed the player for record terms, or what price we were meant to have landed him for.

Eventually, details emerged about potential problems with the medical, which lead the player to sign on a year long loan deal, with the option to keep him after the first year. [Even the Blues website seems confused about this under the players profile as it offers differing information again!].…to read more, click here


Written by Nicole Carroll

March 31, 2010 at 10:08 am

Martin O’Neill leaves the Villa?

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Very strong rumours on twitter and an article on Mirror Football pointing to the fact that O’Neill has quit following a dispute with owner Randy Lerner.

Although its easy to rule out stories like these, similar rumours circulated two days before Phil Brown left Hull.

Villa lost 7 – 1 in their last Premier League outing.

Written by Nicole Carroll

March 30, 2010 at 1:32 pm

Liverpool will be facing a stiff B-test when they face Birmingham this weekend

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Nicole Carroll writes about Birmingham for MirrorFootball…After a few losses, some Blues fans were crossing their fingers that Arsenal wouldn’t rip us apart when they came to town at the weekend. One draw later and the black clouds which were starting to form over St. Andrews have subsided, and…

Article continued at Mirror Football

Written by Nicole Carroll

March 29, 2010 at 3:26 pm

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Lets all do the Wenger..again

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After searching Youtube for 24 hours, finally a half decent video has appeared, credit to Jonam26

Enjoy you Bluenoses (and those who want to give it to Wenger!)

Written by Nicole Carroll

March 29, 2010 at 9:53 am

Fan ownership at the next level

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With football finance being the buzz word among the sporting media, with stories surrounding MUST’s campaign to get the Glazers out, and the pressure on Liverpools owners to leave, the flip side of this is people proactively trying to own their own football club. featured fairly heavily in the press in the lead up to, and the completion of a deal to take over Ebbsfleet United. 20,000 fans worldwide paid a contribution to take over the club. It hasn’t been without its problems, with membership numbers dropping off, and remaining fans having to brain storm new ways to fund the fledgling project.

The Bundesliga model is held up to be a fantastic model for this notion of fan ownership, and there is a fantastic article at Pitchinvasion explaining how the system works.

As an avid Twitter user, I stumbled upon a new project, known as the Five Pound Football Club project. Quite simply, the notion is you register your interest in paying £5 a season to own a part of a football club. Initially, the site are gauging interest on Facebook, Twitter and its own website, and are conducting their research into football clubs which could be purchased. Initially they are looking at choosing from four countries: Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

At the moment, it is only a gauge of interest and maybe nothing will come of it. The prospect of seeing how this story could unravel is just too tempting for my curious mind, and I’ve registered my interest. Nicole Carroll; Football club owner? Watch this space.

Written by Nicole Carroll

March 28, 2010 at 10:33 pm

Let’s all do the Wenger!

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What a weekend for Birmingham fans. After consecutive losses, morale was down and few were expecting us to get a spanking at the hands of Arsene Wengers men.

The 1-1 result was a fantastic result for the boys, and we’re back to point gaining ways. Birmingham fans are slowly coming back to form, with their newest chant of Let’s all do the Wenger, and accompanying Thunderbirds style arm dance imitating Arsenes style, which was referenced in todays News of the World report.

We’ve managed to take points against teams which were totally unexpected this season, and we’ll be looking to take our second lot of points of the season from Liverpool this weekend. Expect plenty of banter and beachballs. I cannot wait.

Written by Nicole Carroll

March 28, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Forget injuries and focus on the title!

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Tomorrow St. Andrews will be host to Arsenal, and the media has already started feeding stories about Eduardos return to the ground following his horror injury in the same fixture last season.

Obviously the player is going to feel some nerves about the match, and going to the ground is a big deal for him. Is there any need to focus the whole game on an incident in the past, rather than looking at the bigger picture of whats happening this season. Thankfully, Eduardo is back playing and Martin Taylor has left the club, so tomorrow should be a great match with plenty at stake. Arsenal are very much in contention for the title, and surely it would be better for the team to focus on the title rather than past injuries.

McLeish has quite fairly stated that football has tackles involved, but turned the focus onto the match. Birmingham have only lost at home twice this season, so it is a fairly tough fixture for Arsenal. Following the 2-1 defeat to Blackburn, Blues need to tighten up the defence in the early stages of the match. Arsenal will punish us for any mistakes, so we need to take away oppotunities for them to get a couple of goals infront.

Written by Nicole Carroll

March 26, 2010 at 5:08 pm