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Chester City: Relegated to Football History

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It seems like all the latest posts on From the Press box lately have surrounded football finances, but with this being a key issue which is almost eating away at the game, there seems to be more to come.

Today’s biggest casualty are Chester, who today were thrown out of the Football Conference, and are facing a winding up order on March 10th over an unpaid tax bill of £26,125.

Although Portsmouth’s administration was the big news of the day due to it never happening in Premier League history, Chester’s story is almost more news worthy for the depths they have plunged to.

This is a club who have failed to fulfil their fixtures, such as the Forest Green match where players refused to get onto the coach because they’d gone unpaid, or against local rivals Wrexham where the police refused to perform their duties at the Deva stadium due to an outstanding bill.

Although this story hasn’t been given the air time of fellow strugglers Portsmouth, they do have something in common: a problem in getting any real investment.

Portsmouth this season have had four owners this season, but they have failed to fund the club sufficiently to try and steer them away from relegation. Chester themselves have been put up for sale for the princely sum of £1, and have failed to attract any interest of a hero to take up their cause.

What is interesting though, is the fact that Chester is possibly one of the most affluent areas in the country, yet there is still nobody willing to take a gamble on what is essentially a very small local club. The local area is inhabited by famous footballers and their wives, yet no one wants a slice in the small club who seem to be in more trouble than they are worth.

The future for Chester City Football club and its fans looks incredibly bleak. With their results now expunged from the league, and all first team fixtures cancelled, there is no way for Chester to bring in a regular income to try and pay back the money owed. It’s looking increasingly likely that Chester’s lasting legacy will be in a history book of clubs that once were.


Written by Nicole Carroll

February 27, 2010 at 10:30 am

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