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Wayne Bridge’s self sacrifice

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News breaking this afternoon which will have been expected by many, is the withdrawal of Wayne Bridge from England duties.

Following the revelations that broke over the past month surrounding John Terry’s affair with Wayne Bridge’s ex-partner, the player has sent a statement saying his position within the team has become “untenable and potentially divisive”.

I’m not sure that Wayne Bridge had much choice really. The stories about his personal life would have only been brought back to the surface had he travelled, and played, in a team which included John Terry. If England had of played badly in the tournament, media stories could have been blamed for this poor form, with the guilt placed upon Bridge and Terry. Although Terry is no longer captain of the team, I think anyone would understand how difficult it would be for Bridge to play with this man and support him on the field.

If anything, Bridge and Terry being included in the team could have caused disharmony, with players almost choosing sides to support their respective friends, or feeling pressures or tension to try and prevent ruptions between team mates.

Although what Bridge has done is almost admirable, most will feel a sympathy for the man. He’s felt he has had to prevent himself playing for his country through no fault of his own. Perhaps he can use his now empty summer to clear his head and try to support the England team from a distance.


Written by Nicole Carroll

February 25, 2010 at 12:18 pm

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