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Nicole Carroll: A one woman mission to make a name in football

The curious tale of the England Captain

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As the football season thunders along, the World Cup tournament is shuddering into motion and will become the football monster in the summer. 32 teams will be readily prepared to take the glory in South Africa and take the elusive trophy back to their own nation. The spectacle will be watched by all four corners of the globe, an audience of millions watching football being played on what is possibly the greatest stage of all.

England are no different. As the Premiership hurtles on at a frightening speed, all those who have played for the England team will have one eye on the summer and plans to be on that plane. The whole nation are starting to feel the fever which is being built by the media.

Our domestic top league is recognised as one of the best, if not the best in the world. The cream of these English players will be aiming for more than the usual quarter final place. Expectation is at an all time high, with waves of support being drummed up by the press. It has to be this time, surely?

The final part of this glory is the man who Capello is going to have a headache about; the England captain.

With John Terry’s recent scandal being splashed across the media, there seems to be a split of those who want him to keep the armband, and those who think he should resign or be relieved of his duties. Following his 12 minute meeting, he’s been stripped of his duties and the vacant position needs filling.

There is a relatively short time to instate a new captain for the national team. With England’s first match taking place against USA on 10th June, there is a relatively short time for this player to establish himself as the leader of the team.

It takes more than just a good player though to make a captain. A captain is someone who leads both on and off the pitch. In the bubbling cauldron that South Africa will become, this countries team need someone to inspire and to be something to aspire to. This leader needs to be one who can drive the team to push for a win when they feel they’ve got nothing left in themselves, one who can help that team truly believe that they will be the ones lifting that trophy in the final.

Possible England Captain?

You don’t need to look much further from Stamford Bridge for the ideal replacement. Step forward Frank Lampard.

It’s quite easy just to list Lampard’s accolades. Both domestically and internationally, Lampard has been recognised as one of the best players in the modern game. Awards include nominations for World Player of the Year, in which he has came 2nd in the world rankings. He’s been voted PFA player of the year, Chelsea player of the year and was named as the highest scoring midfielder in Premier league history.

Once again, he’s in fine form for his club. He’s a key player in the Chelsea side which once again, are pushing for the title and European success. In fact, he is so consistent, that we have simply come to expect it. If an individual played a single game in the manner that Lampard does, it would be a back page headline, yet his form is no longer news. To have such a consistent goal scoring record in a team that is considered one of Europe’s elite is nothing short of astounding.
There can be no doubting the ability of this player.

Like all people, Lampard has not been immune to personal trauma. Following the sad death of his mother, Pat Lampard, in 2008, Lampard conducted himself with dignity and managed to get through a difficult period of his life while still producing good football. Similarly, his fairly public split with the mother of his children was conducted well by Lampard from a media stand point, with his on the pitch antics taking precedence in the press over those happening in his private life.

He’s not your David Beckham, a poster boy with a stack of advertising deals. He’s not John Terry, an experienced captain for Chelsea who’s led this team to the world cup finals.

He’s Frank Lampard. A man who isn’t involved in numerous deals off the pitch to endorse whatever brand is in favour that month. He isn’t being splashed over the worlds papers, his name being dragged through the mud. Quite refreshingly, he’s doing just what he’s paid to do: to be an excellent footballer.

Currently in fantastic form in the Premier League and a frequent goal scorer for England, he’s the sort of player who can create momentum on the field looking towards this tournament. He’s featured in cup finals, he’s played amongst the highest paid, top class players on a weekly basis, yet his game never falters. Adding England captain to Lampard’s achievements would be another string to his bow.

No matter what happens in the England dressing room, Lampard will be there; getting on with things whilst showing a touch of class. Like he always does.


Written by Nicole Carroll

February 17, 2010 at 10:17 pm

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  1. Your starting to sound like a real journalist Nicole lol I wasnt too sure about Lampard at first, but after reading your comments im starting to change my mind. Cappello wants a role-model why give it to Ferdinand? didnt he get banned for druggs?? some role-model that is. i never agreed with Gerrard, hes always in the papers, that fight in the club, didnt he run a kid over a few years ago? Overall i think you have a good point, give it to Lamps!!!

    Will Fazack

    February 19, 2010 at 11:59 pm

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